Tengzhou Junchi Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, with independent import and export right. Now, there are 300 workers, including 15% technology experts, and 10% managers. We have advanced production equipment, and advanced measure, testing and all kinds of assistant equipment. We produce High Tenacity PP yarn, PP twine,nylon twine, braided ropes, Pp Concrete Fiber, Woven Bags,as well as other fibrous series yarns.

Our company stick to the management policy of quality first and consumer sacrosanct. Our products sell well in 26 provinces, cities, and municipalities in China, and are exported to the USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, Europe, Africa and other countries and areas. Due to our high quality, favorable credit, and perfect service, we won domestic and overseas clients favor.

"Create future, Devote empressement" is our promise to every client forev...

  PP yarn
  PP Twine
  PP Fibre
  The Rope Product
  Woven bag
  Mesh bag
  Polyester yarn
  Compound Yarn Twisting Machine
  PP split film twine
high quality high Speed two-for-one twisting machine
masterbatch production line
Polypropylene split film rope, PP split film twine
high tenacity good quality color pp yarn
Top quality 210D/27Ply Nylon Twisted Twine
High strength silk braided cord rope
high quality eco-friendly colorful pp woven flour bags
Chemical Fiber Two-For-One Twisting Machine
high quality high Speed Compound Yarn Twister
High Speed Compound Yarn textile machine
High stretch polyester thread
High quality DTY
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